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When you say gladiolus, you basically say Forever Bulbs! We're a proud producer of gladioli. And not just any gladioli. We're talking about the very best gladioli in the world, which we personally breed, grow, process, and export. We can’t wait to share our knowledge of and love for gladioli with the rest of the world. Let’s all bloom.

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The best and most unique gladioli, grown straight from the heart

Dry sales

The biggest product range you can find, bursting with continuous innovation.

  • Unique product groups
  • All colors and shapes
  • Premium-quality breeds and flowers

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The best-quality and most robust bulbs for maximum revenue.

  • The perfect breed for any purpose
  • Unique breed lines
  • New and improved breeds every year

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Bulbs you can build your business on

Bulbs you can build your business on

  • A one-stop shopWe take care of everything around our customers’ gladiolus purchasing. From selecting the most suitable varieties to thinking along in marketing and everything in between.
  • The best qualityOur breed lines have been proven to be the most successful, best-performing ones in the market.
  • Innovative by natureWe keep a close eye on the needs of our market. That’s why we’re always developing and translating market demands into new varieties, new products, and even better support.
  • Close to our customersWe can only grow together if we’re there where the growing happens. That’s why we see our customers regularly and involve them in trialing new varieties or developing new ideas.

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Want to know how we succeed in producing the very best bulbs on the market? We’d love to show you!

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Let's all bloom!

No matter what type of gladiolus you’re looking for, you can bet that we have it! And if we don’t, we’d love to develop it with you.

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Jaap Houwer
Sales Manager

It’s so exciting to work for a company that occupies such a prime position in the gladiolus market. Of course, it takes work to make that happen! My role mainly involves knowing what’s happening in the market and what our customers need. That’s why I’m in touch with them on a daily basis to match their needs to our unique assortment of gladioli.

Frank Wagenaar
General Manager

We’re a one-stop shop for gladioli with a very extensive assortment. Customers can turn to us for gladioli of all types and in all colors. That’s definitely something to be proud of. But what I am especially proud of is the people we get to work with every day. They make us unique. It’s our specialists and strong partnerships that helped us become the global market leader in gladioli.

Sasha Roninson

Knowing our market is really the foundation of our breeding program. With this knowledge in mind, we plan the right cross-combinations and test our top selections in various locations and under various growing conditions. If all the ingredients are right, we'll start producing on a large scale.

Rence Slootman
The Netherlands

Forever knows about all the important aspects of gladiolus cultivation. Breeding, advice, export. For me as a grower, it’s particularly interesting to feel so close to the breeding process. It means you can change and adapt quickly.

Jan Beemsterboer
Quality Manager

I assess all our bulbs for purity and quality. That involves more than just taking samples. It’s about every individual process the bulbs go through. Harvesting, rinsing, drying: it all has to harmonize perfectly before we can guarantee the best possible quality. Another important part of my job is visiting our growers and customers to see how our varieties are performing. That kind of real-time feedback is extremely valuable for us because it allows us to keep improving.

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