Bordiolus is perfect for any type of garden – not just because of its convenient size, but also thanks to its wide array of colors and shapes. As a result, Bordiolus varieties are an asset to any yard or border. We breed Bordiolus specifically for its height, while also enriching this group with new colors every year. You can discover these new varieties in our catalog by tapping “New.”

Lovely combinations and long flowering periods
Owing to its compact size, Bordiolus combines perfectly with other plants and flowers. It’s certainly a great companion for other gladiolus varieties, which will vary between 90 cm and 150 cm in length. The fastest Bordiolus takes 80 days to flower after planting, while the slowest takes up to 120 days. That means that even without spreading planting times, a mix of Bordiolus can flower for up to 2 months. If you do decide to spread planting times, the flowering period can be prolonged by several months.

Sustainable gladioli
With its short stature and sturdy stem, Bordiolus is a great choice for gardens exposed to stronger winds. They’ll also flourish in parks or other public areas, for which this group is an especially valuable option. Plus it’s mesmerizing to see how much bees love Bordiolus. A true boost to sustainability and biodiversity!

  • Ideal for use in borders and parks: strong, 60 to 90 cm tall, and available in all sorts of shapes and colors
  • Eye-catchers all summer long: from the time they’re planted to the moment they start flowering in striking colors, these varieties are true eye-catchers
  • A boost for biodiversity: irresistible to bees and other pollinators