The Gigantus group of varieties stands out because of their huge flowers, measuring a whopping 14 to 18 cm in diameter. As the typical stem length of Gigantus averages around 110 to 140 cm, this is a group of flowers that’s sure to attract the attention of passers-by. But they will attract bees even more, because bees love gladioli! For this group, our breeding specifically focuses on adding new colors every single year. Do you love new varieties? You can discover these new varieties by going to our catalog and tapping “New.”

Long flowering periods 
Gigantus varieties can be perfectly combined with other plants and flowers in your garden thanks to their bright, often mono coloring. Most of these varieties vary in height from 110 to 130 cm. The fastest Gigantus takes 100 days to flower after planting, while the slowest takes up to 130 days. That means that even without spreading planting times, a mix of Gigantus varieties can flower for up to 2 months. If you do decide to spread planting times, the flowering period can be prolonged by several months. As a bonus, Gigantus varieties can also be picked, so they can flourish indoors or serve as a thoughtful gift straight from your garden. Often, these varieties are also the varieties used by professional cut flower producers.

  • Huge flowers: flowers at least 16 cm in size
  • Eye-catching: with at least 20 enormous flowers on one stem, Gigantus varieties are the center of attention wherever they’re placed
  • Bee magnets: large, open flowers serve as welcoming landing strips for bees and butterflies