If you’re looking for a unique variety, Specialicious is the group to explore! The name Specialicious is a combination of the words special and ambitious. This group includes varieties that are special because of their colors, color combinations, or flower shapes. Truly unique varieties, which hold their own but could also be the start of a brand-new group. These are varieties with ambition!

Endless combinations and long flowering periods
Multicoloros are impressive when used as a mono mix, but we’ve also seen beautiful combinations between various multicolors. What combinations would you like to see? Let us know, we’re curious!

Specialicious varieties are hugely attractive to bees. You’ll not only be enjoying a unique variety of gladiolus in your garden, but you’ll also play host to many grateful bees!

  • Exceptional colors and shapes: a group with special, different, or rare colors and shapes
  • Blossoming ambition: these forward-thinking varieties are the seeds of future product lines
  • Eye-catchers and bee magnets: much like us, bees and insects can’t resist these extraordinary gladioli