Enjoying your gladioli for as long as possible: 3 tips

Published on 29-02-2024

Spring is almost here! The first spring flowers are cautiously poking out above the fields, trying to get as much spring sunshine as they can in order to bloom. It’s the perfect time to get yourself some gladioli, so your summer will be a colorful one! But how do you make sure you get to enjoy your gladioli for as long as possible?


Staggered planting for more enjoyment

So you’ve bought some gladioli bulbs and you’re getting ready to plant them. That’s a great start! You could plant them all at once, which will give you a spectacular explosion of colors once all your gladioli start to bloom. But what if you want to enjoy your gorgeous blooms longer? Try dividing your gladioli into three batches and stagger your plantings. For example, you could plant the first batch in mid-March, the second in early May, and the last by the end of June. You’ll have beautiful gladioli from June all the way through to the fall.

Mix varieties for an extended bloom

Besides staggered planting, there’s another way to make gladioli bloom for longer: by mixing bulbs of different varieties. The fastest gladioli will bloom after only three months, whereas the slowest will take four months. Different bulbs of one variety usually bloom for two to three weeks, on and off.

So if you mix different varieties at one planting time, you could easily have six weeks of flowering gladioli. That not only gives you tremendous diversity in terms of colors and styles but also plenty of time to enjoy it!

And speaking of mixing: you could also combine these two methods by mixing bulbs and planting your mix at different times. Can you tell we’re getting excited? ????


From the garden to the home

Remember that our gladioli are great as cut flowers. In fact, that’s one of the criteria we select our seedlings for during breeding. So feel free to cut your Forever gladioli in your garden above the ground and put them in a vase. You have your own private picking garden! Enjoy the burst of colors, not just in your garden, but in your home too.

Tip! Giving is even more fun than receiving! Give a bunch of gladioli from your garden as a gift to a loved one. You’ll get the biggest of smiles in return!

Get inspired!

The gladiolus is a symbol of the pride and strength of the summer, in your garden as well as in a vase. A colorful, proud summer bloomer that will you that summer vibe every time! Find more inspiration on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to know more about colors, shapes, and varieties? Check out our product groups or have a look at our online catalog to discover our entire range and find the gladiolus that’s perfect for you.

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