Gladdies are one group of breeds whose name is a perfect fit! These are cheerful varieties in extra-convenient sizes. They are the first gladioli that will easily fit on any table or dresser. They measure about 60 to 80 cm long and are available in all colors.

We have over 10 years of experience in the production of Gladdies, both as bulbs and as cut flowers. At Forever, we’ve grown them on about 30 hectares every season over the past 10+ years, serving the flower trade as well as the retail market in Northwestern Europe. What we’ve noticed is that Gladdies have not replaced short gladioli. For example, Gladdies have made their way into grocery stores that previously didn’t sell gladioli in the summer – but now they do, and with great success! Many European customers prefer the thought of flowers grown locally and in a field, as opposed to flowers that have been flown in from elsewhere. Meanwhile, Gladdies are becoming a fixture in bouquets sold in Europe. If you’re interested in Gladdies floriculture, including in Europe, let us know! We would love to talk to you.

Oh, and by the way: Gladdies is the new name for Glamini!

  • Ideal height: perfect for any vase or bouquet at 60 to 80 cm tall
  • Efficient in the chain: low handling and logistics costs thanks to short stems
  • Proven concept: grown and sold in Northwestern Europe on a large scale for over 10 years