Multicoloros are the liveliest varieties we have in our range, varying in color from soft and subtle combinations to bold contrasts. You’ll have no problem finding the perfect multicolor for your market.

New markets
In many countries, there’s a demand for specific gladiolus colors – white for weddings or funerals, for instance. We’re also seeing a growing demand in many markets for gladioli for other purposes, like decoration for homes and businesses. As a result, there is also an increasing demand for colors other than mono red and white. With the Multicoloros group, we respond to these requests perfectly.

Success in the flower market
It’s not always easy to stand out in the flower market, what with the plethora of choices available to buyers. What we’ve noticed, however, is that successful growers try and go the extra mile with their gladioli, so they can stay ahead of the competition. It all starts with offering something different from your competitors and sparking interest from the market. In designing the Multicoloros group, we’ve aimed to help you stand out and generate valuable extra revenue. If you ever need our help, in the way of product images, logos, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  • A spectacle of color: multicolored flowers create an eye-catching celebration in any garden or vase
  • Varieties and bulbs you can rely on: varieties are selected based on growing demands, and growing and delivering the best bulbs is what we do